riding out the tail end of winter working on 2"x3" test prints for etching... long way to go still.

pulled a few tiny copperplate etchings of my namesake 
mistakes were made every step of the way... 
5" x7"
Rilke's "Sonnet to Orpheus Pt 2, XII
want the change


my quarterly post of productivity. just some wheel thrown bowls so far...  
I'm most pleased about my lemon seeds sprouting...when life gives you lemons!


22"x 29" 
just having a little bit o' fun with larger stencils 


predictably, the first day of spring is bone-chilling. no problem. it's print time.

 they still have it in their 60's...


after stalker my thoughts turned this doc on the chernobyl disaster- it left me haunted... 


i don't know a lot about alexander korda
but i loved watching this film: rembrandt (1936)

so many good monologues!
high-res found here

excited to catch this on the big screen...


snuck in a q&a with the good & kind people of SNAP (100th snapline edition)- thanks guys!